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Published: 04/01/2018

We inaugurate a service of lodging and sharing of archives. We are using archivalia . One is an ideal system for the transference of archives of great size that surpass the capacity of shipment of the traditional email. Our Hosting operation is very simple: As guest: You send to the cloud the file of until 60MEGABYTE safely. Once envoy,…

Service of backup copy

Published: 01/07/2017

It pleases to us to communicate the inclusion to them of the service of backup copy by only 1€/mes. With this service, all data and work online it will be insured, so that any error of programming, design or of hardware will be always to good collection.

Instantaneous hiring

Published: 29/05/2012

Considered cilentes of Web Economic Hosting: We informed to them that the hiring of new products will be realised of instantaneous way, without needing delays. The new contracts of lodging Web will be active immediately after their hiring, you also can migrate your plan to our dedicated server plan within second.